Ocean City’s Top Kitchen Backsplashes

Selecting Your Backsplash

Make no mistake about it: choosing the right kitchen backslash for your Ocean City kitchen will not only bring it to life, but it will also add character. With the limitless options available for backsplashes in Ocean City, everyone can find something that matches their personal style. Our team specializes in design and installation.

Backsplashes That Come Alive

Our complete inventory of kitchen backsplashes encompass a wide selection of colors and various materials. While many homeowners can get overwhelmed with all of the available choices they have, our expert design team will be able to assist you in making the right choice for your new space. Below you can read a bit more about the four most commonly chosen materials, along with their benefits and options.

Top Kitchen Backsplashes in Ocean City

Researching Glass Backsplashes in Ocean City?

If you are strongly considering a glass backsplash for your kitchen, you’ll need to know that you can choose between both sheet and tile form – both of which have their own benefits. When going with glass options, you’ll enjoy how easy they are to clean, how they are less expensive, and of course available in tons of different colors and patterns. If there is one drawback to choosing a glass backsplash, it’s that they can be a bit fragile and potentially crack on rare occasions. Regardless, feel free to call our Ocean City kitchen renovators to discuss further.

kitchen with glass backsplash in Ocean City
quartz and tile backsplash installed in Ocean City

Ceramic Tile Backsplash Installation in Ocean City

If you’re looking for a backsplash option with a ton of versatility, take a hard look at ceramic tiles. If you love a certain pattern, but maybe not their color, tiles can be painted, which will also give them added protection. They are painfully simple to clean, especially tiles that already have a glossy finish. And in comparison to glass, ceramic tiles are fairly heat resistant and won’t normally crack. Your choices for colors are vast, and with additional molding or cuts, ceramic is a a customizable option.

Granite Tile Replacement in Ocean City

While many homeowners often choose glass as their primary backsplash option, quietly some are making the switch to granite tiles as an alternative option. Granite is super useful if you’re wishing to match them up to other granite materials in your kitchen, such as counters or flooring. In terms of its sheer strength, granite is unrivaled, and repairs will not be needed very often. Now, the one real downside to granite for some clients will be its cost, which is often higher than other backsplash options, but just like granite countertops in Ocean City, granite backsplashes are simple to clean and maintain. To discuss further, give our team a call today.

ceramic tile backsplash in Ocean City, NJ
quartz backsplash contractor installation Ocean City

Quartz & Resin Tile Backsplash Options in Ocean City

One final option for you to consider for your new backsplash would be a choice of quartz and resin. Since quartz is already becoming a hugely popular choice for kitchen countertops, choosing it for your backsplash is also becoming more common so homeowners can match the two. Quartz is simply elegant, and looks very similar to expensive marble. It really is beautiful. Like other options, quartz is very easy to clean and care. Reach out to our expert team team to learn more about our process!

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Backsplashes in Ocean City & Other Renovation Services

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Our Ocean City Kitchen Renovation Process

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