Lifelong Butcher Block Countertops in Ocean City


If you're looking for a total change in your kitchen that gives you a more fashionable and unmistakable look, shouldn't you consider butcher block countertops? They may not be as popular as some stone equivalents, but they add an individual and rustic look to your new kitchen project.


The varying color options for butcher block counters can add a richness to your kitchen's look and general style. The stain choices and various wood types are not just appealing to the eye, but they can stand up do potential damage from spills, water and more.


When finally making your decision on a counter top material, it is critical that you select an option that is strong and long-lasting. Butcher block counters are the right fit, as they are durable, while also offering easy clean up and whether the daily activity of food prep.


MCG Kitchens Ocean City not only transformed our kitchen and flooring, but they made us fall in love with our house all over again. The quality of the materials, the expertise in their design and the superior craftsmanship were top notch. Our home is now more gorgeous AND more functional. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome. If you’re thinking about any form of home improvement, I highly recommend MCG Kitchens Ocean City. 

– Carl M.

Butcher Block Counters in Ocean City - The Pros

When picking countertops for a kitchen update, it can be a mistake for homeowners to look past butcher block countertops as a choice, but we are here to caution our clients to not so that! The surfaces can standup to so much, and with the proper maintenance can last nearly a lifetime.

Create Appeal With Butcher Block Counters in Ocean City

Butcher block comes in three main choices which are Maple, Oak, and Walnut, and each are wonderful selections; fortunately, if you are experiencing difficulty in choosing which one to use, our Ocean City kitchen designers will be able to assist. We’ll go over all the pros of each wood variety and how they’d be incorporated into your kitchen space, and we’ll also touch on how each will fit within your budget.

new butcher block kitchen counter tops in Ocean City
butcher block kitchen counter installation in Ocean City

Long Standing and Time Tested

Generally, butcher block countertops are mostly underestimated when it comes to durability. They are a wonderful choice for all types of food prep – even when you are actually cutting, as they don’t work to dull your kitchen cutlery. These counters do require a touch of longer term maintenance in terms of sanding and minor refinishing, but the wonderful thing is that they’ll continue to look brand new. Hot pans and pots something that you constantly put on your counters? No issues.  Butcher block won’t burn and any potential stains can be sanded down and re-stained. You’re always an easy restoration away from brand new counters.

Pennywise & Made To Order

Let’s discuss your budget. You’re going to discover that butcher block countertops are much more economical in comparison to the price for a stone counter material like granite countertops or quartz. In addition, with butcher block you keep your options open for using the various sink selections such as under-mount, farmhouse, and drop-ins. The personalization you get is highly appealing when you think about the various wood colors and grain designs.

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MCG Kitchens Ocean City is here to give our customers the overall top kitchen remodel possible. We have a truly dynamite team of designers and contractors with years and years of experience helping Ocean City homeowners bring their dream kitchens to life. If you’re really thinking butcher block counters is the choice for your remodel, allow our design team to help you so we can make sure no stone is left unturned. We are positive that you’re guaranteed to adore the finished product.

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