Dividing Ourselves From Other Remodeling Companies in Ocean City


Our kitchen design experts at MCG have years and years of on the project expertise assisting Ocean City homeowners develop and design the kitchen of their dreams.

Always No-Hassle

Our goal is a totally anxiety-free kitchen remodel for you and your family because we believe you should not have to persevere the additional stress while you live through a construction project.

Budgets That Work

Regardless the scope or budget you may have, we'll be capable of employing the best materials and design to keep things within your parameters. We completely understand that everyone has different levels of resources.


MCG completed a renovation of our kitchen in Fall of 2017. After speaking with a number of contractors we chose them because of the design plus contracting services, the excellent examples of their work, and a general feeling of the right fit with their team. We know we made the right choice. 

– Marcus K.

The Best Decision From The Get Go

Congrats!  You’ve decided to bring on a company to complete your kitchen remodeling project. We welcome you to take a peek at our team here at MCG Kitchens Ocean City because we are certain that we can outperform other area kitchen renovation companies because of our organized, streamlined, effective remodeling process. Regardless your budget, we can leverage the types of materials and designs that you’re looking to use. Once you’re partnered with one of our kitchen designers, you’ll understand why selecting MCG was the best choice.

Ocean City’s Best Kitchen Renovation Contractors

Working with an unknown renovation contractor can be somewhat frightening, and you’ll find yourself up late nights looking for reviews or on social media asking for referrals. Every contractor has varying levels of expertise, some don’t have insurance or licenses, and so you need to be very careful. You aren’t going to have to be concerned about those potential pitfalls with MCG, because we’ve been generating dream kitchen remodels for years, and we’re insured and fully licensed. We can work within almost any budget to incorporate amazing cabinets, lighting options, and various countertops. We review every detail of a kitchen remodel so that your budget can be fully utilized. So no matter your current kitchen layout, we are certain that our design team will be capable of bringing you just what you’ve always dreamed.

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Our Four Step Process

Step 1: In-Home Meeting with Our Kitchen Designers 

To go over all the basics, you can expect an in-house consultation as the first step. We want you to have an opportunity to meet us and get a feel for who we are, and we want to get a sense of your wants and the personality of the family and house. We’ll really drive in on the expectations, because we understand you’re going to have a lot of questions for us, just like we will for you. We’ll cover layout wants, designs, colors, any walls or expansion, appliances, and so many other items. It will go from the basics down to the very tiny details. Once our initial meeting is over, we’re going to have an amazing game plan.

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Step 2: Your Ocean City Kitchen Design

Truly a science, kitchen design is an art. Our designers are going to ensure that they not only cover all your needs, the layout, the finishes, and all minute items in your renovation, but also the overall feel and style between the kitchen and the surrounding areas of your house. All of the various options that are selected during a kitchen renovation, such as the counters, the cabinet colors, the light fixtures, paint color, must align with the other close by areas of your home to create a cohesive feel. We have the best team to guide you through the process of arriving at the best possible solutions for your new kitchen, taking into consideration all the things that need to be analyzed.


Step 3: Your Final Kitchen Design

Moving on from Step 2, the next step has all preliminary conversations and designs complete and entered into a documented plan. Initially, the general outline of the space is finished. We’ll layout if walls are being modified, electrical or plumbing is being rearranged, and laying out all other  major construction undertakings. We then finalize the material to be used for all aspects of the project and how they will be included. Areas included here would be flooring, cabinets, counters, backsplashes, and lights. At this point, the final design details are signed off, and we work to keep you informed as each step of the process is completed. Once we are done with Step 3, nothing is left to cover!

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kitchen renovation design Ocean City, NJ

Step 4: Your Dream Kitchen!

Here we are , the last step, and the most exciting one: project construction! We’re now heading down the path where the work starts to bring your dream kitchen to life. We have an amazing contracting team and industry leading designers who will deliver a first class kitchen that all your friends and family will rave over. In addition, we are addicted to reducing any disruptions or disturbances to you and your family while construction is ongoing. Once the final touches are put in place, we’ll do a thorough and spotless clean up so that you can return to an immaculate, brand new kitchen that is ready for you to enjoy. MCG Kitchens Ocean City is dedicated to your absolute satisfaction during each and every step of the renovation.

Ocean City's Kitchen Renovation Experts

We’d simply love to help with your dream kitchen. Contact MCG Kitchens immediately at 610-960-0122 to speak with one of our experienced designers.