Magnificient Kitchen Renovation in Cape May

I simply love my new kitchen! MCG was a pleasure to work with and they were very helpful in partnering with me on making design decisions. The installers were tremendous and friendly! Everything went smoothly and was completed within the number of days they promised.

– Dominic T.

Why MCG Kitchen Remodeling in Cape May Is The Choice

Cape May is a famous town located south of Ocean City in Cape May County, not only known for its great beaches, but its large home as well. If it not shocking to know that kitchen remodeling has turned into a hot trend in the area. Our wonderful experts that make up our kitchen design team in Cape May deliver top rated renovation services through the entire county. Why?  Easy: our team is the made up of the premier kitchen professionals with the best level of expertise and a real passion for their craft.

We simply have the top team of  kitchen renovators in the greater Ocean City area, and this is why our customers have been selecting us for years and years. Want to know more? Just give us a ring today or you can fill out our online web form. We’re here to assist you and help you get moving on a brand new kitchen remodel!

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We simply love our new remodeled kitchen by MCG Kitchens. The process was just as they said it would be. There was a good deal of preparation, continuous contact by phone and onsite visits during the entire process which allowed for some minor adjustments that needed to be made. We are 100% satisfied with our kitchen and our choice to use MCG.

– Mae M.

Kitchen Renovation in Cape May — The Process

Our team at MCG has come up with a simple process that our clients can leverage to eliminate their worries while they progress through their Cape May kitchen renovation. You should start by contacting us so we can cover all your thoughts, in particular, the majors aspects of the kitchen that you’re thinking about installing, all the way to the most minute details. MCG will then present you with a no-hassle, no obligation estimate for your new kitchen space. Once you’ve approved, we’ll figure out an initial deposit that works for both parties and we will be ready for an in-home session with our top kitchen designers. During the consultation, our design team will measure your new kitchen space, and cover the renovation process. You will all talk about kitchen countertops, flooring options, backsplashes, hardware and fixtures, and more. When the design is complete, we’ll turn it over to our Cape May renovation team.

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Our Remodeling Contractors Build Your Dream Kitchen!

As the design plans are completed, our remodeling teams start their phase as the controls are turned over to our local Cape May remodeling contractors. Our amazing team will go forward from there, and the next thing you know, the kitchen of your dreams will start to take shape, as the counters, backsplash, and floors you selected are installed. As the install is finished, we will inspect the quality, and you’ll be close to the time you can return to using your kitchen for its main purpose: cooking and entertainment! At this time, we are finished, and your kitchen renovation process is over.

Cape May County's Kitchen Renovation Professionals

We are highly interested in assisting you with your dream kitchen and making it a reality. Call MCG Kitchens now at 610-960-0122 to talk to one of our professional designers.